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Just been clearing out the shed and have some leftover pigeon-deterrent spikes. See attached picture. There are about 7 of them, dimensions as printed on the packaging. If anyone wants them, they're welcome to them.

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I may be interested in these, James. Do you know how they attach?

Hi Hugh. This is what it says on the box (see pics).


Thanks. Roughly how big is the box?

About 50cm long

Thanks, James. Let me confer. It may be a bit big as it would need to fit into a suitcase. 

get many pigeons in there, do you? ;-)

  It’s for our flat in KL which we leave empty for most of the year. Some birds take advantage if the absence of humans and use the balcony as a perch. Whilst we’ve designed most of it out, there’s one bit that needs a something else. 

Good Evening,

If they are still available, can you advise at how much are you selling them for?

Kindest Regards,

Jean-Marc Bany.

James, in the absence of a decision from me, I’m happy to stand aside. 

Ok, Hugh. Thanks for your interest anyway. 

Hi there, Jean-Marc. They’re free. All you have to do is collect. 


Thats great.

May I collect next week?

Kind Regards,




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