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The new pizza place just by Turnpike Lane does amazing pizzas, and really cheap - all named after local places - son is currently eating an Ally Pally (cheese and tomato). I worry it will close unless business picks up, so thought I'd do a recommendation - it's actually the best pizza I've had in ages - really thin base, excellent taste.

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Its already up for sale... 

Yes. Saw that too - it’s been up for sale since last year. . I do wonder how it’s possible for something to get launched so quickly and go up for sale - along with all the fixtures ovens etc..

Exactly what I was thinking! 

Sad news

I went past there Saturday evening about 10:30 and it seemed busy

Oasi dei Sapori on West Green Road is brilliant. Worried that will die too...

Yeah it's brilliant.

I hope they do a good bit of business via Deliveroo and JustEat to stay in profit. 

How do the pizzas compare to Passione just over the road? For me they're the best in London (seriously!) and very good value. Another great local restaurant I hope can sustain itself - it often seems quiet when I go in to collect takeaway :( .

I alternated between them both for a while and I'd say they're largely comparable but find myself going for Oasi a bit more now for takeaway. 

Reminds me, I need to go to Passione for a meal soon. It's brilliant food and I feel the same about quietness. 

Have used it a few times, they do really good pizza but it never seems to be busy.

Any idea if this place is still open? I fancy trying it tonight if so!

But their social media has been quiet for a while, so I'm worried that might be bad news....



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