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Not sure when it was done but it’s very recent. I counted over a dozen PKK symbols from the bridge to burgoyne road on both sides. And this has happened before. 

This puts shame on the local Kurdish Community, the ‘community centre’ being just a stones throw away from the vandalism. Will they pay towards the thousands of pounds this will cost to remove? I very much doubt it. 

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Alternative explanation for businesses that operate seemingly without customers?

That's conjecture, not evidence.

Well said. 

Just got back from holiday and noticed PKK graffiti on the wall the end of Langham Rd which was never there before,  so it's reached a fair distance.

Etherley road & black boy lane on the west green road junctions too.

Did you expect all Irish Catholics to feel shame when the IRA were active? 

Last night on my Saturday pub crawl I noticed a penis drawn on the wall of the gents in the Salisbury, there were more, in some cases five drawn on every cubicle in the the 12 or so pubs I haven't been barred from. , as well  and the police cell I spent the night in. This graffiti has put shame on the male community particularly with St Ann's GUM clinic a stone's throw away. Guy's can you please all chip in .. Zzzzzzzzzzzz 

^^ this one wins...

Reply by Charlotte A 11 hours ago
"Did you expect all Irish Catholics to feel shame when the IRA were active?"

Certainly around home, Charlotte, we never expected all English Agnostics to feel shame when the SAS were active.

The approach to Green Lanes via Finsbury Park is now really depressing, the bridge is covered in rubbish graffiti, which may be politically driven or not but basically its shit and looks shit. The inability to home our residents is shouted by the rough sleepers under the same bridge and then the rest of the Lane and most Ladders and Gardens roads have been further treated to the same really shit graffiti.  The whole area looks appalling at the moment and whilst I have no feelings for the PKK pro or anti I do hate people who graffiti, shit graffiti more than 'Urban Art' but I pretty much hate it all.  I hope this is a temporary aberration caused by some change in political status or stance in a far off country (we have utopia here!!) and once cleaned (soon please) the person or persons responsible feel no further need to express themselves in this way r etc and simply buy a colouring in book and stay at home!! 

Yes, the graffiti's not great and I do feel sorry for the rough sleepers (although I can't say that I begrudge them a bridge under the circumstances). 

However, I think you're being way too harsh on the general look of the area. Harringay's never been a beauty in my time here, but it's looking noticeably better than it did a decade ago.

Everything looks better when the sun shines.

For me, in the 6.5 years I have been on the Ladder, I have seen decline; there was promise when the pavements were resurfaced and Blend arrived but that was short lived. Where I previously lived, in the west of the borough, the environment has stayed much the same or improved.



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