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I am looking for some advice on plantation shutters for my living room (standard Harringay Ladder style bay, comprising of 3 windows).

I have noticed a lot of people on the ladder have these  so, can anybody recommend a good and reasonably priced supplier? Also, if anybody is able to give a very rough figure of how much they cost, I'd be very grateful. All of the sites I have found online insist on a salesman's visit prior to giving an estimate.


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Shutters can be very expensive so really depends on your budget...

We wanted them in every room and therefore looked for the cheapest option which we found online


It does require you to measure up and fit yourself however the quality of the blinds are perfectly fine and at least 30% cheaper then anywhere else.

If you want to visit a shop in person try M2M on crouch end broadway slightly more expensive but great service.

That site is great Alexander - thanks for your help. 

Brilliant - loads of options there.




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