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We live at the top of Mattison road and we have a very friendly black cat called Dragon. Dragon has stopped coming home every night as he used to. He has been away a few nights in a row in the last few weeks and again this weekend and when he comes home after a few days/nights away he is not hungry, tired or distressed which leads me to believe there is a cat lover out there taking him in a lot, or possibly more than one person. He is a very friendly and loving cat and I can imagine just swans into your open windows/doors but please don’t keep him overnight or feed him. I have 2 children who get very distressed when he doesn’t come home and he is very well looked after at home.  He is small and doesn’t have a collar but he is not a stray, he has a glossy coat and obviously healthy. He is neutered and microchipped and is due his annual jabs and flea/worming treatment, I need to know he will be home so I can take him to the vets! So thank you for loving our cat but please stop!

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Thank you. He’s pretty good at taking collars off by himself but I’m up for giving it a try. Let’s hope he comes home so I can put it on him. 

We've had this exact same problem with one of our cats that looks a lot like Dragon! I posted on here but what helped more I think was leafletting the street - twice. And knocking on one or 2 doors we and others had seen our cat loitering outside quite a lot. We put a "do not feed" (with our address) collar on him from kitty collars - considerably more expensive than the petsathome ones! I can't comment if they are any better - they've stayed on considerably longer than others we tried which took about 30 minutes for our cats to get off. One has come off in 6 months and I don't know if that was the cat getting it off or someone taking it off intentionally or unintentionally.

I wish people wouldn't feed other people's cats - we had problems with our other cat eating wandering cat's food and sleeping in his favourite place - then they'd fight when wandering cat returned - and like you the problems of the kids getting upset and cat not being there when you want to administer flea or worm treatment or a trip to the vet is due.

Thanks for the advice Tessa. I will try leafleting and knocking on a few doors as well. Comet is the spitting image of Dragon! Here’s hoping we have as much success at getting him to stay home. We miss him a lot! 

We've got the same problem with our Tortie cat on Hewitt. She has a condition which requires her to be on (expensive!) special food, and the calorie controlled version of that food at that. Someone keeps feeding her and she is now the size of a blimp. If whoever is doing this is reading this, then please stop - I know you think you are being kind to her, but it may end up killing her. 

We’ve done a bit of sleuthing and knocked on a few doors and found the well meaning neighbour who has been letting Dragon live in their house. Might be worth you giving it a go too. Good luck! 

We have a similar but worse problem with our cat. He is going off and not coming back for a day or three which is not like him. He comes back thin and anxious and I get the feeling someone locks him in. He is very friendly and trusting. I also heard lots calling him. 



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