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I went for a bike ride this afternoon in Finsbury Park. They have closed off several areas, including the river entrance on Endymion Road, the playgrounds and ball courts, to keep people from gathering. However several groups of youngsters were playing ball games in the courts, having pushed through the barriers.

I later passed a couple of community policemen walking through the park, and stopped to tell them about the kids playing. I sympathise with young people's need for exercise but the danger is that Haringey will decide to close the park completely if people can't be trusted to 'social distance' (is that a verb?) while using it.

The policeman said they do not yet have the powers to disperse the group, I suppose because the bill is still going through Parliament. As he spoke, he kept moving really close to me, and I kept stepping backwards, and finally had to ask him to please give me space. If even the police don't know how to keep six feet away, we're in trouble!

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Lots of police cars in the park early this evening probably monitoring the group situation.

Yes I hate how as they run past they sweat all over you!

Victoria Park has been closed by Tower Hamlets because people were holding barbecues. Ironic because when it was opened in 1845 it was called 'The lungs of London'.

I know exactly what you mean. I had to tell 3 young policemen off in the park a couple of days ago for not social distancing. Seriously guys wake up. You couldn’t make it up



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