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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Generally in the passage...but not uniquely. You make your way to pick your kids up after playing with their mates, and find you've walked dog poo over their parents new rug... Ouch!

I have seen images on the Internet of the dredded turge, looking for sign ideas, but more recently I was taken aback to discover Wood Green Shopping City is selling poo cushions opposite Burger King. So for a while now I haven't been able to see the Santander logo in quite the same light. I have to say I did like the last Abbey logo, and not just because I worked on photography for that campaign. Another good reason why banks should have tiled flooring, the carpet in Lloyds never looks good for long, and that's just the chewing gum.

Dog owners will have noticed the absence of dog waste bins on Harringay Passage, this has been in an effort to keep the passage clear of clutter, services can access the bins placed on each road. Dog Waste is now acceptable in public waste bins in Haringey, following practices at Westminster Council. So let's see how it works in practice.

Image follows below, it's already ubiquitous.

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Isn't that Mr Hanky the Christmas poo from South Park?
Genius, lets adopt the Wifidoo
Sometimes there's so much of it in the Passage you could comfortably stream "Gone with the Wind"
Well my worst fears were confirmed last night when I saw a man pulling up his trousers having just produced a steaming fat turd in the Passage. I waited at the entrance to tell him off but when he realised I'd seen what he did he turned tail and went out the other way at some pace. It's one of those things where you wouldn't believe it if you hadn't seen it yourself.
And believe me, he'd have got a good couple of hours of free wi-Fi for his "deposit"
Please tell me you didn't take a pic!
Ha ha! No I didn't, but I could see it from a good way away. A proper Mr Whippy!

I noticed someone not picking up their dog's mess on Ducketts Common yesterday. Apparently they had forgotten their bag and would pick it up on the way back. I did not believe them for a moment - but hopefully it will encourage them to do it next time. If I see them do it again...

Running down West Green Road I noticed someone not picking up.  I asked if he was going to, he said he needed to go inside for a bag.

I forgot about it after that but on my way back I didn't notice any poo, so I'm just going to assume he actually did pick it up.

Well done, both of you. Shaming the culprits is the way forward. Since the introduction of a 5p charge on carrier bags I now carry one in my bag all the time so if I see someone not picking up and they claim they don't have a bag I can say "here, you can use mine".
Good stuff! I've been challenging people who litter too, only that hasn't been going so well. Since moving to the area I've noticed so many more people litter than in other parts of London (and my job is related to this so it's something I really notice from place to place). So often people will drop a can in the gutter on their way on to the bus. Me and a friend watched a guy drop a can out of his (parked) car. We couldn't get him to take it back so we took it to the nearest recycling bin instead. Once, I watched a well-dressed woman get on the bus from Ikea with her two small children, both of them eating ice creams. When they'd eaten enough she dropped the first cone out of the bus door, then got her son to drop the second. I couldn't believe it.



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