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Hi there all

We have just had a long weekend of cleaning out all our wardrobes and cupboards after finding mould over our clothes.

I assume this has happened due to a mixture of condensation and low ventilation in our place.

I am currently looking into solutions to try and stop this from happening again so went out and bought a dehumidifier to start with.  This has done a great job of leaving the rooms condensation free but I need a longer term solution that maybe won't cost as much as we have it running almost all day.  I invested in some hydrometers and the humidity now sits around 60% - 70% through the day with a temp of around 20°C - 23°C.

I have come across these positive input ventilation systems, and as we are on the ground floor it looks like this might be the only solution.

I have found a couple that look interesting:

  1. Nuaire Flatmaster 2000
  2. Envirovent Mr Venty ECO2

Has anyone had one of these done?  If so, what are your views on them and which system did you get installed, and how much did it cost?

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Sorry, what I meant is positive input ventilation like the Flatmaster or Mr Venty systems.

Did you install one of these in the end?

Hi Sally

No i didnt, instead I ended up buying a de-humidifer which does the job perfectly in winter.

We had a damp specialist come in and inspect our place for free and said we didn't have any major issues and that a dehumidifer would do the job.

And did it solve your problem completely?! If so which one did you get?

Yeah it does the job, i mean we still get small spot of mould here and there, but we just use mould cleaner to clean it.  With the dehumidifier, we dont get any more condensation which massively helps stop the mould from growing.

We got this one http://www.amazon.co.uk/EcoAir-DD128-Desiccant-Dehumidifier-Ioniser...

Now I am back here re-visiting this as summer has finally started to kick in.

Last weekend we noticed a musty smell in our room and low and behold, our dear friend 'mould' had come back and ruined my bag that was in cupboard underneath our bed.  To be fair, there is little ventilation and it was packed so partly my fault, but we did find little bits of mould in our main wardrobe as well.

Did anyone on this thread or anyone in this forum ever get a PIV system installed?



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