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There's a small and very miaowy tortoiseshell cat in Falkland Road that keeps going in the school playground and following people up and down the street. It's not quite a kitten but not yet an adult cat, is very slight so it appears underfed (but might not be) and doesn't seem to have a microchip (it doesn't mind being picked up and we couldn't feel anything at the back of its neck). If it's your cat, it might be worth putting a collar on it as people are beginning to think it's a stray and may report it/take it to a rescue place.

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Hi, this very much sounds like our cat, he seems to like wandering around!! He hasn’t been home today which is unlike him and we have been worried so we are on our way up to Falkland Road now (we live in Stroud green so far away for him)! He was wearing a collar when he left the house so must’ve lost it and he is microchipped! Thanks for posting this! 

Sorry to hear it's not the same cat. Hope you find yours soon.

We’ve just been walking up and down Falkland road and the roads on either side calling him but couldn’t find him. If anyone spots him again please can you get in touch on 07825768444!! He’s very friendly and can get into trouble by following people all over the place. He is microchipped so if anyone has taken him/takes him to a local vets they can contact us straight away. He’s very well loved and cared for and not underfed :) he’s just VERY active, we can’t keep him still for too long, he’s got so much energy :) 

Thanks so much!! 

I posted about same cat recently. Includes pics. It has been around here for 10 straight days. Stroud Green ... that is a long trek


Oh gosh, sadly that’s not my cat, apologies for the suite of messages! So sad that this one is still not at home :( 

Yep, that's the one! Friendly little thing with a very loud miaow!

Well done for helping the tortie cat as it's not safe for a cat to be roaming out the front on the street. Cats should have access to back garden, with a catflap, so they can come in when they want. Generally it's not a reliable test to try to feel for microchips through the fur. Any vet will scan the cat for free to check if microchipped. As you know, the vet will also be able to confirm whether the cat is male or female, approximate age and check if the cat is neutered. If it transpires that the cat needs a temporary foster home (while looking for any owner) or permanent home, I'm sure Stokey Cats and Dogs will help. Their email is stokeycatsndogs@gmail.com

Sorry your cat's missing Liannec. Have you done a post on him here on HoL with photo? Plus it's a good idea to put details of lost or found pets on Animal Search



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