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I found these FAQs on the Veolia website (linked from the Haringey website) for the new service


My reading of it is -

The contract is annual and with a specific address. If at the end of the contract you don't renew, any bags you put out, if you have any left, won't be collected. Also if you go for the bin option it won't be taken away if you choose not to renew. It's yours to deal with.

Sharing with neighbours is possible but the collection will only be from the address of the person who took out the contract. If you decide on a bag sharing arrangement with your neighbours they will have to put the bags on your property for collection. If someone nicks your garden waste bin it will be of no use to them as it will only be collected from the address of the contract holder.

Veolia will only deal with the contract holder so if your neighbour's bags aren't picked up from your property as they should be it's up to you as the contract holder to sort it out, not them.

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Still says the free garden waste service is ending on 23 October on the website


Right hand and left hand eh!

I've contacted Haringey to ask them to amended the web page and left a contact email address for them to get back to me on it.

Absolutely effing unbelievable (the tag Andy, not you)
Got a kind of auto response thing that popped up after I reported the above

Thank you for your comments
We will look at what you have said and see if we can improve the page.
Please note: all comments about web pages are reviewed by us once a week.

Once a week! So that's after people think the free collection service has ended. I just despair.

I contacted them a couple of weeks ago, then yesterday I rang as I hadn't received any bags, nor had a phone call asking me to pay. It seems that they have only just got the payment system up and running, so are working through a backlog of people who have registered and need to be contacted. Thus they have had to extend the white bag collections till 30 Nov. The person I spoke to was frustrated by the situation but polite.

Obvs they should not be dishing out red tags with that message!!

ps There's a long rambling message on the phone before you can press buttons, but the numbers you need are 3, then 4

The cabinet member in charge of this is Peray Ahmet. I think all queries/complaints need to be sent in her direction as it looks like Veolia are failing to meet targets set for them by Haringey (not for the first time). Also local councillors should now be informed. Unless complaints are made to the council rather than directly to Veolia, it's likely nothing will be done swiftly to sort out this debacle
Done. Cllr Ahmet's email address below

Ditto. Bleeding shambles. As well as being wrong - we need to do more to encourage green behaviour not put a whole load of new barriers in the way. 

Got a very prompt response from a Mr Kershaw at Haringey

“Dear Mr Anderson

Thank you for your email. The old green garden waste collection stops on 23 October and the new chargeable service begins. However we want to avoid any gap between residents signing up for the new service and delivery of new bins or sacks. To ensure a smooth change from the old service to the new service I have instructed Veolia to continue collecting hessian sacks during this transition period.

I am sorry if this has caused any confusion. I have spoken with the Veolia contact centre and clarified the messaging around this.”

I got a similar response to Michael, plus the following:

"The phrase backlog is unintentional and unfortunate as it suggests we are behind schedule, which we are not. Rather we have planned a sensible overlap between the old and the new service to ensure no gaps for customers.

 I note your concerns about potential fly-tipping and/or burning of rubbish. This has not been the case where similar services have been introduced elsewhere and we don’t expect Haringey to be any different. Nonetheless  we will monitor the impact of the changes closely."

I just tried to pay online for a bin but the online system is only set up for the larger bins and not the small ones or the bags (how handy!). The link is here: https://wasteservicesportal.veolia.co.uk/HaringeyGardenWaste/

Well, that's good news that we get another free month. I had the tag on my bag last week (prematurely) and again this week, but if I can get another month out of them then I might manage to get rid of all the fallen leaves.

I was in contact with Haringey today because they'd said they'd get back to me about ordering a bin (and hadn't done so). The reply said that they were contacting people in the order they'd 'signed up' and gave a number if I wanted to speed things up (the same number that is mentioned in various other posts here). 

Can see the notion of project management remains a bit alien within Haringey.. Surely all of these issues are pretty predictable if you sit down and plan how you are going to introduce a new service? 



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