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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Must be costing them a fortune in carbon offsetting

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The rotor frequency of those things matches a washing machine in spin cycle - for a moment I thought next door's washing machine was moving towards me.

I wondered if it was connected to the president! I heard what i thought were helicopters, but couldn’t see them, and it didn’t seem to be the same one going around, so am i right in thinking this was yesterday, Wednesday the 4th in the morning after 8am?

Yep, that’s when I heard (and saw) them. Massive twin rotor things

Variations of Ospreys , they are only side Cover , normally fly patrols around Area                 Reports state have Fast Action response Teams aboard

Could do with a few to deal with Local crime Issues 

Saw News report before that there are several other Helicopters in the Air                                When He and others are in Town

Earlier in week three came through Wood Green Low and Slow . Really got the pigeons moving

Those Ospreys shake my windows in their frames when they pass over. Strictly they are not helicopters, but swivel-engine aeroplanes.

I saw 3 Chinooks heading NE towards Stansted around that time. Rotors are fore and aft, unlike the Ospreys (we’ve endured on his last 2 state visits) which have side by side rotors, mounted on ‘winglets’ which allow for suitable distance between the rotors and provide lift when the rotors are pitched horizontally for forward flight.

The Chinooks we’re likely British forces, undertaking escort duty, as POTUS was in the UK for less than 24 hours, it probs wasn’t logistically feasible / financially justifiable for the US to mount the size of security operation that we saw last year.

And yes, I do bore myself sometimes :-) 

THE president? You mean America's president. He's not ours. At least not yet.



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