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At September's LCSP meeting we discussed the amount of enforcement action the council are taking about fly tippers. While there is nothing we can do about individuals, I would really like to see if there are any businesses in there. I personally would only like to give my patronage (and money) to local businesses who respect our environment but at the moment have no way to identify them.

Anybody know where we can get a copy of local prosecutions / fixed penalty notices?

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The obvious answer to that would be to submit a Freedom of Information request, although it would probably be classified as an Environmental Information (EIRs) request instead.  Most things related to fly-tipping usually are dealt with under the EIRs, and there are fewer exemptions that can be applied to a response, and they can't refuse on grounds of cost (as they can under FOI).

My advice would be to keep the terms of the request quite simple and to restrict it to businesses only so that they don't try to use an exemption for personal data.  Submit the request via the What Do They Do website and then the answer will be there for all the world to see if they are interested.

If you want to have a stab at wording it and post it here, I'll take a look at it so as to get the best response  (FOI is what I do for a living!)

Should this not be public already if they have been prosecuted? Thought it would have been a matter of public record

The Council where I work don't proactively publish that data and I don't think Haringey do either. There's no legal requirement to as far as I am aware.

I'm really surprised that they don't publish them. When I used to live up north the local metro (train) company used to 'name and shame' fare dodgers. Maybe something that could be considered here?


... the problem is... if you can't identify them... what can you do... if residents of the borough don't keep an eye out and report the activity it's academic asking Haringey Council questions that can't be answered... just like dangerous vehicles only CCTV and ANPR would be effective in tracing drivers...


Ladder Community Safety Partnership

Several years ago, Alice B, I asked Haringey to consider the possible application of a "Good Neighbor Scheme" - U.S. style. The idea is that businesses sign-up to work with  local communities and local government bodies. (It seems to overlap with UK Responsible Retailer Agreements. I don't know enough about either of them to say.)

But if such good neighbour schemes were successful, they might enable residents to be confident in giving their patronage as you suggest.  And of course, vice versa. Here's a link to one of my posts on the topic.

At the time I didn't get any response. Though to be fair I haven't spoken about it to Cllr Kirsten Hearn who has had the environment brief since May in the Joebinet. I don't know her well but she's seems creative  and open to new ideas. On the other hand Kirsten has an absurdly wide remit. It appears to me that Joe Ejiofor needed to reshape cabinet job descriptions to match the new programme of the - at least partly - new administration. In other words reconsidering the divisions of responsibility largely starting from scratch.

If you search online or in HoL back pages please use the U.S. spelling of neighbor.

Thought This Haringey Council had a None Prosecution Policy



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