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I seem to have myself a rat problem. I saw a few posts recently on who to call (other than the council) to help sort the problem, but of course I cannot find them.

If anyone has any good recommendations that would be helpful. I believe they are making their way in through the now crumbling mortar gaps in my sewer out front and into the cellar from there. So, I may also need someone who can do some point work down there.

As you will imagine with something like this any suggestions accepted with both relief and gratitude...

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Wire wool rapped with glass and duck tape pushed into the holes everywhere but first some poision from a licensed person and let the rats time to get out to find water before you stuff the holes. Tben no more feeding the birds or dropping food anywhere.

On crap phon, cant edit typos sorry.

There is a chap who's recommended a lot on here http://pestcontroler.com/about-david-parnell-pest-control.  I haven't used him.  We have had mice but not rats.  If I had rats I think I would call him.  He seems to be all about stopping them getting in in the first place, rather than putting down poisons. 

Thanks- finding where they are coming in will be the first challenge. I am well versed in the wire wool approach, but the area they may be coming is might not be accessible sadly...

They love to climb up bricks until they find wood, then make a hole, usually just under the lip of the roof.

You can  use chalk to follow foot prints sometimes.  If they are making it into the basement for example, you should be able to track their way out by making a food pile circled with chalk.

Chalk is a good plan. Thanks.

I already have traps and they are working but possibly at a slower rate that the rats are breeding and replacing themselves dadly

Licensed poison will do it but make sure they have a way out and get yourself a jar of that amazing anti smell stuff, should one die between the wall. You'll find it on amazon. It works like a dream. 



1/ Traps - big ones

2/ Get a cat. Or two.

Despite claims to the contrary on the internet etc, only licensed pest controllers can get their hands on the good stuff. Course wire wool stuffed into holes and gaps can help. Check vents at ground level, as they are often cracked and broken.

I had mice when I moved in - December so under 2 months ago. Only realised as one of my 4 cats managed to get 2 in one day within few minutes of each other. That was in my first week here. Since then not a single one. I can hear them late at night in between the walls but cat did not manage to get any more (he is hopeful still).

Smelling 4 cats (and a dog) in the flat - I hope they moved out from wherever they were. 

Rats would completely freak me out. Not sure if scent of cats would cause them to move on though.

Really sorry you have those particular house guests

Can I borrow your cat Anka ?

I tried poison but they gobbled it up and came back for more ( I think pushing little wheelbarrows ).

Going to buy a couple of traps this evening although they weren't very successful in the past.



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