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Hi all,
I have recently used CT re-upholstery based in south Tottenham and found the service and quality to be excellent.
They did a great job on 4 Dining chairs and so cheap at £40 a chair with leather included which was a cut off from another job- loved the recycling element! . He and his wife were really friendly and great. Nothing was too
Much trouble and he is a member of the Guild of Master Craftsman
If you need something upholstering or repairing, this guy is your man
Give him a call 07730 037 771
Right next to seven sisters tube or the 41 bus take you right outside

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Thanks for this, I need to get a replacement cushion for a leather armchair. I will give them a try.
Yeah Lauren, please do. It's palces like this we really need to give our support to- old school trades!

Thank you for this Emma - I am hoping to contact them tomorrow about some reupholstery I've been wanting to get done for ages, but just couldn't afford it. I'm hoping they may be more reasonable.


Emma Guest

Great Emma, hope you get it sorted. They are very lovely so if it's outside your budget tell him and he will prob try and sort something out that will be in your price range. He was very helpful with me.

Great to know - thanks Emma!



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