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I've got several boxes & bags of things which I'd like to donate to a charity shop. I also have a toddler, so am looking for a charity shop which I can pretty much drive up to the front/back door, without having to get the baby & buggy out whilst having to carry 4 bin bags & 3 boxes! Any suggestions? Thank you

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Marie Curie is just on Green Lanes. 

Marie Curie is just on a CORNER off Green Lanes and you can easily park in ladder road just before it. Also having lost a few close friends to cancer I am passionate about supporting this very important charity with more than my endless stuff that i keep giving them from my tireless clearances. Though I always end up with seeing something nice there to buy when i donate - so be warned!

Hi - They get collected by a private textile recycler.

TRAID have home collection service which you can book at your convenience
I have been donating to Shelter in Wood Green. Mostly furniture and they've been really good about picking it up. If it's a lot of stuff I'm sure they'd collect it.

I do clutter clearance professionally (with an emphasis on helping people recycle/re-use their unwanted belongings) so often have these difficulties accessing charity shops and find the free collection service by the Raising my Voice Foundation charity shop at 471 Green Lanes very useful.

It's available 7 days a week, 9am-7pm via 0203 609 1454

They always have nice things in the window there!

If you have baby clothes and toys to donate there is a charity called Caris Haringey which runs out of the church hall of St Anne's church on St Anne's Road (on Avenue Road, N15) which directly gives clothes and toys to homeless and vulnerably housed families. You can park outside. Wednesday mornings are the best days as that is the drop in day and there are always volunteers around.   

Hi - TRAID (reg charity 297489) do a free home collection service - http://www.traid.org.uk/clothes-recycling/book-a-collection/ 

thanks Leigh



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