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Hi, I'm looking around for quotes for floorboard sanding and staining.

Has anyone had any happy experiences with someone who does a really great job?
I want the gap filling, wood slivers, acoustic insulation between joists.
The whole works!

Also, after once having an attempted kick-in on my front door a while ago (I came home to find the door barely still closed, and the frame around the lock in splinters - guy must have panicked at the last minute!), I'm looking for someone to install london/birmingham bars on the front door, and replace the door to my flat with a solid core.

Any recommendations?


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For the locksmith, try the tag I've added to your post.

I used Banham for a new internal door to my flat. It is solid core with bolts on the hinge side and metal strips inside. It cannot be kicked in and feels really secure. It means that even though my door cannot be seen from the road if someone breaks in through the front door no matter how long they try they cannot get in to my flat. The other advantage is that burglars see Banham locks and move on to the next property, the reputation of the company is that good with the criminals. It doesn't look unpleasant or industrial either.
Clare that is awesome, thank you.
Someone at work also mentioned Banham so +2 makes my decision much easier :)
If you want a 2nd quote try Securebase. Based in EAST FINCHLEY. Ask for Dariush. I've always found their work very good. I know Bushy (HOL member) was also happy with their recommendations and work.
Hi Yan,

I have used www.floor-sanding.com for both hire and full sanding service before. Both their equipment and service are excellent. For sealing I would recommend Osmo Polyx (www.osmouk.com).

Like Clare I would also use Banham for locks every time!

I hope this helps.

Thanks Guy, I've contacted them for a quote..
Will come back and comment when I've had the work done!
Hi Yan, we are having our floors sanded and varnished at this very moment. We are using the The Floor Sanding Experts. I am really pleased with the standard of work. They have used wood slivers, restitched two concrete hearths (you couldn't tell that its new flooring). Their quote was similar to three others but had the most informative breakdown and were the most honest about the worked that needed to be done. However, they did underestimate the time to complete the job, which meant that my floor has been done in two stints (although, to be fair the people doing the job worked late to try to get as much done as possible).
I had, You can call Greg 07903577596.

Just wanted to update this thread with some feedback about the guys who sanded and stained my pine floors (http://www.thenaturalfloor.co.uk)


Overall the job is ok, though they were in too much of a hurry and really skipped on doing the stair posts properly. Also, although they advertise filling gaps with wooden slivers I really had to push for them to do it. And that part wasnt done very professionally at all. A quick google search shows how it should be done:



These guys had the nearest thing to a totally professional approach I could find,though they are based in Brighton: http://www.gjpfloorsanding.com/


Overall, quite expensive and a little bit rough on the finer details. Also havent replied to my email about a loose board.

They did the soundproofing to my specifications ok though, and the floors look nice.

Not sure if this is teaching you to suck eggs, in case you have not been around anyone who has sanded their floors before, but it is noisey and messy. So (1) let your neighbous know you are doing this- as it will highly likely p**s them off no end if you do not give them a heads up and if you do it might help stay on the right side of them, and (2) when we did it we sealed off rooms we were not sanding with plastic sheeting so the dust did not penetrate, and it saved days of cleaning afterwards.


Have fun!

I know four years have passed since this post was published. However, there is a floor sanding company based in London which you should consider for your next floor restoration - Great Floor Sanding
They are real professionals and are probably the most affordable floor sanders in London.

Hello "Cristina" nice advert!



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