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I can highly recommend Neil , who is also recommended elsewhere in this discussion.

I had an urgent job with just days to go  to get shower taps and sink taps working before people came to stay. Neil was fast and efficient and friendly and I was very pleased with the end result . I highly recommend him. 


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And who is roundly condemned by many others....

Does he give a discount if he's recommended on HOL?

To be fair, I think he gets a good deal more positive reviews than negative. But he seems to be a bit marmite. So much so that last year I checked up to try and establish for once and all if anything odd was going on. It appears not. I wrote the following:

We've now messaged a good selection of the people who started new posts about Neil Protheroe in 2016 and 2017 to add a positive review. We have heard back from seven or eight and all have said that their reviews are genuine and heartfelt. Some say that Neil mentioned he'd value a positive review on HoL. Some said he made no such request.

As far as HoL's policy is concerned, we have no issue with tradesmen mentioning that they'd like a review, but we'd discourage any more than that. We wouldn't for example encourage trades and service people chasing up customers to ensure that reviews are given.

There are 3 items on your shopping list (repeat) ...


I find it fascinating that people are so indignant that they feel the need to comment. Its just a review. Take it or leave it. 

Balance not indignation 

Reviews don't need to be 'balanced'. It's just somebody reporting their personal experience. 



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