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Lack of communication between Veolia and Biffa's Materials Recycling Facility (MURF) - which actually reprocesses the contents of recycling bins at Enfield's Ecopark - has resulted in some serious misinformation.

All those tetrapaks that Veolia says you can put in your green bin are not recycled at all - because they are lined with plastic (though Biffa say that other facilities do recycle them).

This emerged when a group of local people were given a tour of the Biffa Murf facility, and took the trouble to check with Biffa whether the items listed in Veolia's recycling leaflet really are recycled!

Other questions they asked concerned:

  • what to do with plastic bottle tops - answer, take them off the bottles, but put both in the bin.
  • Veolia's leaflet shows newspapers tied with string - don't do this, because the string wraps itself round the machines.
  • loose plastic bags - can be recycled

Thanks to Annabel Gregory at Alexandra Park Neighbours for the info

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The more I think about this the more layers of stupidity seem to emerge.

We want to recycle from our family home. So we need and want accurate up-to-date advice. And to pass on that advice to anyone who might be staying with or visiting us. And to our neighbours - especially new neighbours who ask us, for example, why their green bin wasn't collected when they were trying to do the right thing.

Failed Koberville <groan> ....
The new Council will need a Spring Clean.

Aware that recycling bins might be a issue as Noticed several in my Area Noel Park. Who fill their's with None Recyclable Material. Which often get pushed out in street and even emptied into street.      Do remember when Bin staff used to put stickers on bin and report them. Aware in times gone past Council Inspectors used to spam to Householders . Expect cuts have done away with these Inspectors



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