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Our house is looking for a reliable cleaner that can come in once a week for an hour to clean the communal areas in our shared house on the Harringay Ladder. 

We've had two cleaner's who have proven unreliable and, honestly, bad at cleaning (!) so far and we're desperate to find one we can rely on that turns up same time, same day, every week and does a good job. It's not a large house so it only takes and hour to do all the areas we need and we provide all the cleaning products/equipment necessary.

Can anyone recommend a good cleaner that can do this?



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This lady seems popular (also try clicking the, now edited, tag under your post).

We hired the women she recommends - it was a mistake.

She turned up and did the job for the first few weeks but then, with no explanation whatsoever, just didn't. When asked why she didn't show she said she "forgot". She then, again without explanation or request, just decided to turn up when she felt like it, IF she felt like cleaning. This is why we're looking for a new cleaner.

Yes I have to say I have had very mixed results when trying cleaners who have been recommended on this website. They haven't all been that great. That's why I am now using an agency who I have found to be much more reliable, although quite expensive

hello - which agency did you use? I have also had problems finding a cleaner.

Do you want to DM me so I can send you a code for them if you want to try them

thanks, I have just sent you a connections invite, which is I think what I need to do!

I thought I had messaged KP

I haven't got it sorry

Sorry, who do you mean you tried? 

I thought I had messaged KP.



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