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My laptop has decided to freeze every 20-30 mins or so. I've tried a re-set but that hasn't worked. It's only about 3+yrs old so I'm reluctant to buy a new one just yet even if I could afford one.

So..... anyone know of a trustworthy (not expensive) laptop fixer that could help me out?

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Possibly overheating because fans just clogged with dust. Do a search on here for Marek.

There's a place on Green Lanes I visit Fastech Net - always had a good experience and I've had two laptops fixed and two iphone repairs 


Search ITBox Computer for Marek. Recommended and helpful 


Def fastech. Used them for years and very good value

bottom of Mattison Road, green lanes

Yep, Fasttech. Always do the job quickly, very friendly and reasonable prices. 

Hi Madeline.....Have you tried Macob, shop in West Green Rd. Maybe not the cheapest but great service, well worth a try.   Sue



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