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Hi all

I renewed my parking permit today but could not see where I could print it out.

I have e-mailed the Council but they take approximately five days to respond.  My old permit expires on Friday so I am a bit concerned I may end up with a parking ticket.

Does anyone know if the Council give a few days grace for renewing, or if the traffic wardens have access to the Council's records to see that I have paid?

I'm planning to put a copy of the receipt in my car in the meantime.

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Thank you, Zena!

i missed my flight on account of the hassles caused, as I had to put the car somewhere and it was too late to book airport parking.  I couldn’t risk leaving the car with an expired parking permit while I was away.

I understand there can be glitches in systems, but as this arose from 1st April when their prices were raised (that was what I was told when I rang the council), so they had plenty of time to inform residents. It would have made life easier if some warning was made in the reminder letter they send out, website or in the recorded message you have to listen to when you ring the council. They way it is currently presented, there is no indication that anything is any different from former years, when it was a smooth process of confirming your circumstances hadn’t changed, can make a payment and instantly print out the permit. 

Thank you you for your help with this!

With best wishes,

Fiona McElroy 

I went there on Friday as I realised the problem was that it was treating all applications as new ones with a five day turnaround and my permit expired that day, and when trying to make contact by phone I was consistently being told that demand was high and to call back later.

They were aware of the problem and apparently lots of people have been going in person. I took my number and was seen in about 20 minutes, and they couldn't have been more helpful.



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