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Hi there, can anybody recommend a tiler to restore the original tiles in my hallway.  There are various ones broken, missing etc.  I have looked at previous messages posted on the forum and subsequently contacted Original Features in Crouch End, who in turn have given me the name of a few tilers.  However, I would really like a personal recommendation.  If anyone has used someone they have been pleased with, or alternatively if there is anyone to avoid, I would be really grateful if you could let me know.  Many Thanks!

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I can personally recommend not getting me to do it - I still haven't finished mine after six months!

Good luck!

We used http://www.tiledperfection.com/ which was one of the ones recommended by Original Features. It wasn't cheap but they did a great job and it looks good.
Most helpful, thank you, I have looked at their web site and will contact them for a quote.


Hi Kate

When we bought our house we had the tessellated floor in the hallway restored and the chap we used was one of a handful of skilled people who specifically deals with this type of work.  We had to schedule him in 6 months in advance. He did a brilliant job and restored the floor back to it's former glory.  Let me know if it's the original tessellated floor you want to repair and I will dig out his name and number for you.


Have been thinking about getting ours done as well, so any pointers most welcome.



Hi Shazia, it is the orginal floor so would appreciate it if you could find the number for me as he sounds like he would fit the bill. May I ask how long he took to do it? And whether a lot of work was required to restore it as I think mine needs a fair bit.  Many Thanks Kate


Hi Shazia,  Could you pass on their info?  We're getting ours done as well and would love someone that came recommended.  Thanks very much.

hi Kate,

I am a local resident of 5 years, I work part time in the salisbury. I have recently left the workshop of a leading applied arts company and am looking to start a buisness using my experience of restoration and making one off design peices.  I have 10 years experience, which includes an extensive knowledge of casting and restoration techniques. I would very much like to come and have a look at the work you would like done and provide you with a competitive quote with a local and personal service. I am extrememly compentant in matching an extensive range of styles and colours with a variety of materials and feel this would be a job i would very much like to do. Please email komili@gmail.com or call on 07832220170 if you would like me to look at the work you would like doing.


Kind Regards


Hi,thank you for your interest. I will be in touch to arrange a time for you to come and have a look.  Many Thanks Kate.

Two suggestions:


Brian 07956 147983 who does restoration or replacement 

Hannah - local mosaic artist who can create a new mosaic floor.


We've recently had quotes in for replacement, restoration and a new mosaic.  Replacement and restoration worked out at about the same cost - £500/m2.  A new mosaic was slightly more, but you do get an original and unique artpiece.

Thanks Malcolm.  I have heard of Brian and will be sure to get a quote.



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