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I am increasingly concerned about the level of open drug taking and dealing on the passageway by people both in groups and on their own. I have seen this even on the school run at 8am by the local primary school. I would like to ask local councillors, 'safer' neighbourhood police and the community safety teams (if indeed there are any left) what is proactively being done to address this? I have barely seen any police presence on the Ladder for a while.

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Yes I have also raised this issue having reached my limit with confronting people on the school run and turfing them out of front gardens etc. I have also spoken to neighbours about this who I know are doing the same. With two young children I am not prepared to just walk by but I appreciate not everyone feels ok to do that.

I have found the police to be helpful and responsive, the key thing we have been asked to do is to record what/who you see, with descriptions of the individuals and report it to Pete Cooper (for the Ladder). It seems futile but if we all did it, every time we saw it then the police would be able to build up a picture of what is going on and make it easier to act. 

email SNTYR-.Harringay@met.police.uk Or peter.cooper@met.pnn.police.uk with details

As ward councilor I have been reporting community concerns about the increased drug dealing for ages. There are problems on Willoughby Road opposite Ducketts Common, Turnpike Lane, the entrance to Harringay Passage from Turnpike Lane, Wordsworth Parade by Mountview Court, the two Mews off Turnpike Lane and over the road in Alexandra Road (off Turnpike Lane ).

The police are aware of all this. Residents have been very proactive which is vital in getting action, and I want to record my thanks to you because that pro-activity and vigilance helps in tackling problems.

I have been working with the Mews residents, and Pete Cooper, of Harringay SNT has also been in  contact with them.  I hope, and hear that things are improving.  A drug house in Alexandra Rad has a closure order on it obtained from the courts - due in great part to the collective efforts of the community in reporting. I and Peray Ahmet, Councillor in Noel Park ward, attended the public meeting about this where over 60 residents attended. The police announced they were going to court, and got the order a few days later. Peray and I have been in contact with residents and traders throughout and will continue to do so. A follow up meeting is scheduled for the end of this month. 

The Safer Neighborhoods team in  Harringay is now getting back to full strength so hopefully we will continue to make progress. Having said that, it is not an easy situation. If there are areas and/or issues you know about please contact me. Email: zena.brabazon@haringey.gov.uk 


Zena Brabazon

Cllr Harringay ward 
Deputy Leader of the Council

Cabinet Member for Children and Families

There has also been an increase in the Gardens, using anyone's front garden for hiding drugs and dealing  and people openly smoking crack in broad daylight on Green Lanes. I have lived here for 20 years and have never seen anything like it.

Agree Michele. 20 years for me in the Gardens too and it's open all hours now for drug dealing and taking in front of our homes and on the streets. And also the urinating continues unabated. A few laminated signs at the end of the street don't deter anyone. Neighbours have alerted police several times, told them where the stashes of drugs are but it just continues. 



Green Lanes

Ducketts Common

Turnpike Lane

Stanley Pocket Park

All over Harringay - Police and council - get a grip

And Finsbury Park ☹️

Hi Michele

I sent this thread to the St. Ann's councillors. Julie Davies is very active on the Safer Neighbourhoods Panel and Mike Hakata has also responded. You can contact them as below:


Mike Hakata@haringey.gov.uk


Best wishes


Zena Brabazon

Cllr, Harringay ward

Deputy Leader of the Council

Cabinet member for Children and Families


Yes is is definitely an increasing problem. There have been community meetings about it at Shine cafe and a local action group based in Alexandra Road has been set up and is actively working with the police and local organisations. Meetings have been hugely well supported, with attendance from the police. 

If you see active drug selling or use, report it both to the police and to the council here: www.haringey.gov.uk/community/community-safety-and-engagement/anti-... 

Incidents are being collated, and the more that are logged the more action will be justified by police budgets.

I will track down the contact details of the people running the group.

Thanks for the link - needs to be publicised more widely. 

The next meeting is on October 30 at Alexandra Hall on Alexandra Road. It is organised by the local residents. I spoke to residents who had complained to me about drug dealing around their homes, so they came too. It was a very good start and I am sure no one would mind if you came. The meeting starts at 7pm.


Zena Brabazon

Cllr, Harringay ward

Deputy Leader of the Council

Cabinet Member for Children and Families

The drug dealing by Tesco and in the little passage next to it by TPL is rampant. You only have to walk past to see it and my teen was approached and offered drugs the other day.

Hi Charlotte, are you able to report it on the website or the emails listed above? If you can give any descriptions of individuals/times of day etc it really helps.

i have started making notes on my phone when I see things as it’s so regular now it’s easy to forget. Sad but true. 

I hope your teen is ok, unfortunately they are the targets often on both sides. 



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