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Rottweiler dog in passage between Cavendish and Burgoyne roads

Has anyone else noticed the rottweiler that likes to jump up onto the passage wall.
Have reported it to the community police who haven't been any use.

Does anyone know the owner? Or reported it too?

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I know it, has been there for a few years. I nearly had a heart attack the first time it launched itself at the fence as I walked past.

I've never seen it though - you mean it actually jumps onto the wall?
I definitely noticed it last week I thought it was going to manage to get right over the wall ( managed front half of its body) also thought I was going to have a heart attack! I don't know any details about the owner.
I think you'll find that there is little that the Police can do under the dangerous dogs act, as the dog is on private property, and the RSPCA will only intervene if the dogs welfare is at risk.

You may be able to get the council to act on it as a nuisance dog, but I doubt it.
Like Alison P, it scared seven shades of something out of me. I reported it to the council a year or two ago but didn't get any follow up.



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