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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

There seems to a plethora of Routemasters running the 29 route today.

I just saw three pretty much simultaneously on Green Lanes.

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Saw them yesterday too. Found some news articles from a few years ago about them being run during a tube strike. Perhaps the same reason this time.

Wow - interesting

Piccadilly Line strike.

I think that's an RT not a Routemaster. It's slightly older but contemporary with the RM. Either way it's 60 or 70 years old - amazing that its still fit to be brought back into service.

Ah yes - I see the different radiator grill now.

Apologies - please feel free to update the thread title Hugh.

Nah, let's leave it and give the busoraks an apoplexy! :o)

My daughter was very excited to be able to travel to 6th form college on one of these today (she says the bus route is similar to the Piccadilly line - is that right?)  Both of my children also saw Green Line buses today.

When it's not occasioning comment here (vintage 1950, Hugh) it can be found at Epping station taking you (free) to the Epping-Ongar railway, the nearest steam/heritage line.  [Busoraks..... -- I'm hoping StephenBln will be along to add another piece to the jigsaw].

Not said with any disrepect, Gordon. (I speak as a renowned historak).

Ooh, no injury done.    And re busoraks, Stephen has been rather quiet of late.

My grandad drove these in Haringay for about 27 years. I remember they got treated so well that every year after he died my Nan got a hamper at Christmas from the bus garage.  We used to go to a yearly party for all the staff every Christmas . Good times. 

I travelled down Green Lanes yesterday with my children on a beautiful green vintage bus with a conductor. And was it my imagination or was everyone behaving as though it was the 1950s and being extremely polite to each other.... either way it was the most enjoyable trip down the Lanes on a bus I've had in a long while. 



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