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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

There seems to a plethora of Routemasters running the 29 route today.

I just saw three pretty much simultaneously on Green Lanes.

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This was the silver lining to the Piccadilly line strike - check out this green one I saw at Manor House station!

These are wonderful, my grandad was also a London Bus driver, he became an instructor.  He was on Blue Peter taking a bus on the skid pan at Chiswick. but I missed it due to watching Lost in Space on the other channel.  I have tried to find the footage on YouTube, no joy so far. But I did get a Blue Peter badge.

BBC have been digitising many of their old material. You might be able to get a copy from their records section.

To be extremely pedantic and busorak, Hugh, it's an RTL not an RT (it has a Leyland Engine as opposed to AEC one). It does indeed regularly run between Epping and North Weald- it's owned by London Bus Company, and that Company's owner also owns the Epping-Ongar preserved railway.....

Thanks Jeremy. My knowledge is as a schoolboy user and went no further than being able to identify an RM vs an RT. Your expertise is much appreciated.

(P.S. Any more books in the pipeline?)

I got on one yesterday to my surprise and pleasure, especially as 3 rammed 29  normalised hadn't stepped

What a treat having a conductor hanging out the door announcing every stop. I think he was also enjoying himself

Thanks so much for the tip about the heritage buses and the steam railway at Epping - my kids would love it so we’ll go for a family day out there!

Hope they've been modified to be cleaner greener.

Surely just one of those '97 horsepower omnibuses..."



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