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Hi there

I live on Turnpike Lane and over the past 6 weeks (so pretty much ever since the lockdown started) , 4 of my parcels went missing. Whenever I buy something online and it’s posted through courier companies - it gets delivered to my flat with no issues, BUT if the parcel is posted through Royal Mail, it gets strangely lost  on the way !!!! :( :( As much as I am obviously aware of Royal mail workers being overwhelmed because of the covid-19, it’s now been 4 parcels of mine which have disappeared. I did get my money back for them (luckily) but hey I wanted my items, not my money back :(

btw, I did checked with the neighbours, around the wheelie bins etc etc.... 

I was wondering if anyone else in the area has had the same issue????!!!!!!

any advice would be much appreciated :) 

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Yes, there are a number of posts on here about it I’m afraid. I’m missing multiple packages, the earliest of which was sent in early April. It’s very localised - neighbouring postcodes seem ok but N4 and N8 are pretty bad. The RM advised me to assume the first set of parcels are lost .. 

Still waiting on things from March - see this thread for the general N4 / N8 debacle...


I have found that deliveries can easily take 3 or 4 weeks at the moment. I'm now only ordering with services that aren't using Royal Mail.

I got a small parcel posted 20th April yesterday, so things appear to be filtering slowly. 

I had to wait for a parcel for exactly a month, and it took me 10 days to receive something from someone that lived about 30mins away a few weeks ago. It's very bad in N4 from what I gather. I get some stuff on time and others come at a questionable time. A lot of my parcels aren't moving - when I check the tracking online. Some retailers are stating that parcels can take up to 3 weeks to deliver but it's particularly bad around here, the postal workers aren't my regulars either.

Hermes and DPD are much better at the moment. Parcelforce are worse than RM IMO. No way of contacting someone in real-time, and I've already had an issue with them last month, so I'm avoiding them.

Receiving mail is hit and miss with RM since lockdown, but sending has been a breeze. My sister has been sending parcels and they've all been received on time. Guess it's just N4 and N8?

I'm waiting for two packets for six weeks; one containing live sweet potato slips for the allotment will by now have shuffled off this mortal coil and the other containing sweet corn seeds will be too late for planting this season however in the great scheme of things its not something to get too exited by and I'm happy to be planting other things at the allotment in this lovely growing weather. 



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