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just a word of warning to avoid the 3 guys that drive the blue transit pictured below. we paid them to remove some.rubbish from our garden and they dumped it just down the street. young lad in early 30s, grey  haired fellow in 60s and teenager with dark hair

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Disgusting. Will you report them to the council? Good you have the reg number 

yep have reported them

Fab...hopefully they will get fined. 

Never ever take up an offer to remove your rubbish... 

A reminder to everyone here to check whether the people you pay to remove rubbish are licensed waste collectors and provide you with a waste transfer note. In the absence of that note your rubbish remains your responsibility.

What a surprise! You have to be licenced to remove rubbish; ask to see their licence and take a photo of their reg plate.

From the result of this in 2011, it is actually you that will be fined by the council.

And that's as it should be.  Your waste, your responsibility.  If you transfer the waste, you have to make sure you do so in accordance with the law.

Check whether someone is a licensed waste carrier



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