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Selected so far (subject to LCF endorsement)

Please keep adding results and corrections.


- Mark Blake
- Lucia De Neves
- Peter Mitchell

 Ann Waters stepped down

Charles Wright de-selected

Northumberland Park
- Kaushika Amin
- John Bevan
- Sheila Peacock

Seven Sisters
- Dhiren Basu
- Erdal Dogan
- Claire Kober

Goldberg withdrew

Tottenham Hale
- Vincent Carroll
- Ruth Gordon
- Reg Rice

Lorna Reith deselected

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You can reconcile it with this post over on OpinioN8 to get an idea of the success or not of the HDV going through in its current form post May. Time to play the equities markets with some public but not well understood information?

I think they may well end up with less than 20 and Councillor Kober will lose control of the council.

20 Koberites. The left of the Labour Party are being generously supported by the local libdems.

I think it is the other way around, John. It was the borough's Liberal Democrat members of the council who "called it in" at Scrutiny.  Labour councillors - even those who claim they're against the HDV - sat on their hands. 

Some, agree, are late converts to the cause but, there were some Labour Councillors who have been against this from the start.

I would welcome some breakdown or at least the general trend. With Kober and Peacock selected one feels a little pessimistic ...

Hopefully LP members will now see how important it is to get to BOTH meetings.  The first one is the only chance to chuck out the incumbents (if only as far as the second meeting).

What I had not realised is that the candidates are not at the first meeting, not are any would-be Cllrs standing elsewhere.  That takes a few key people out of every meeting, even if eg branch officers are standing in another ward.  All there is to decide about is their written statements, then that crucial Yes/No to trigger them. No Q+A, no hustings, till the second, selection, meeting.

not are any would-be Cllrs standing elsewhere.  This is wrong, only those involved in that ward are out of the room for shortlisting.

It does frustrate me that as somone who joined the party with a monthly direct debit about 3 months ago can't vote but someone who hasn't paid any fees for a year can.
It’s usually 6 months back from the point of which the cut off date which is usually before the selections start
Absolutely DTW. The rule book is very clear. Those who have not paid subs for six month or more are not in arrears, their membership has lapsed and they cannot take part meetings even if they come up with the readies.

Clause III. 4
A member may only participate and vote in Party meetings if they are endorsed and have paid the appropriate subscription to Head Office. Any dispute as to eligibility shall be resolved by the Regional Director (or General Secretary in Scotland and Wales) – RD(GS), or their designated representative, with reference to the records of the national membership system. It is the responsibility of the individual member to produce a valid membership card when required.
B. To participate in the selection of candidates at any level, a member must be fully paid up by the notified relevant date. A member shall be deemed to be ‘fully paid up’ if they are not in arrears, either in whole or in part, with their membership payments.
C. A member shall be deemed to be in arrears from the expiry date of their membership until they renew their subscription.
D. A member shall be deemed to have lapsed from membership if s/he has been in arrears for six months and has not responded to a request to pay the arrears.
Is no-one concerned about various Labour councillors trying to jump between wards? Is that common?

Seems a little odd and dare I say disloyal for people like Emine to be on the list for several wards.
The old chicken run. It can be ok, if a councillor has moved house but most local parties frown on it. I guess the nature of the selection process is people are hedging their bets in case they don’t get the first choice



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