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How easy would it be to make this happen? Could some of the money raised by the council from events help contribute / bribe TFL into extending the scheme up here.

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Uber bikes, Lime and MoBike are all over London including Finsbury Park and Harringay.

Yes -the benefit of the Santander bikes is the docking station and that they get distributed.

Santander bikes come no further north than Camden Market/Islington Green. Some years ago the idea was floated of a Santander ebikes docking station around here to address the Muswell Hill catchment area, but I think the W7 bus won out - this was well before the e-Lime and Uber electric bikes started popping up like metallic Banksy street installations.....

Santander Bikes only for Central London and.......Stratford. Decided by 'decree' that it should be in zone 2.

It is 7.3 km from Trafalgar square. Seven Sisters e.g is just 6.9 km from Trafalgar Square.

Well it's THE Olympics legacy hotspot so it's not surprising, plus there's a good deal of traffic-free infrastructure compatible with bikes.

So I know that the bikes don’t go their at the moment - I’m asking whether this could be changed?

Isn’t Finsbury Park in zone 2 anyway at the bottom end at least?

I remember seeing the image of a mountain of dumped rental bikes in China a few years ago:


Is it just a matter of time before it starts happening here?

Prefer the docking stations of the Santander model and wouldn't mind more competitors if they had similar docking stations.

Also it would be good if TfL linked up the £2 daily rental of the Santander bike to the daily cap of the travelcard.  Or maybe they do and I just don't know about it?

I was in Paris a few months ago and dockless bikes and electric scooters have become a real menace.  They are in heaps outside of the major metro and overground interchanges and in parks.  I detest them and worry that we’re on the road to the same thing here (I can see a green Lime bike abandoned in the middle of the pavement outside my house right now)

I'm surprised the scrap metal magpies don't take them.

I'm with you on this Micheal, I was shocked by the images of mountains of abandoned dockless bikes in China , years ago before they made an appearance in Europe. Dockless bikes are, as a general rule, cheap to produce in numbers and poorly or not maintained at all, just being left to rot on the streets and I imagine disposed of by local authorities. 

Im all for bikes with docking stations though.

So how can we get some of the Santander ones in docking stations to Finsbury Park! Could the money from the festivals not be used.

I suspect there are lots of factors relevant to these sorts of decisions - I'd be surprised if it was just a case of offering money. 



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