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In among the talk of sash windows redecorating, does anyone know someone who will replace the sash cords in two of our old windows - it's a little job but way beyond my level of competence!  They look as ifthey will break soon.....

Many thanks


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Oh there is a brilliant man called Dermot.

His number is 07961 090219.


Many thanks Marian, I will give him a ring.


I called Dermot and can certainly recommend him - not least because he came on Saturday morning, as agreed, checked the 2 windows and he said our sash cords were fine and would outlast the windows (or possibly us!) and wouldn't take any money for coming out which I thought was very decent as he could have replaced 4 cords, charged us, and we wouldn't have known any better. An honest workman!

He doesn't just do sash cords needless to say, he is a glazier so cuts and fits glass and mirrors.




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