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No they aren't furry and cute, they don't even have eyes but we should love them all the same.

Here's why

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But - it doesn't seem to say what we must do to save them ?

Or am I missing something ?

It's really about changing farming practices rather than anything that can be done at a micro-level.Crucially, its about getting farmers to understand how their soil works, how modern industrial farming is causing soil degradation and encouraging them to adopt less damaging practices. Here's  quite a good article from DW.

James Wong suggests that, in the garden, we stop the age old practice of digging over the garden and instead adding a top layer of mulch in Winter for the earthworms to break down. 

I think a bit of consciousness raising about soil management for the general public wouldn't go amiss either. Here's a useful publication from The Wildlife Trusts/RHS about how to help worms [pdf]

Thanks Liz



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