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If this Planning Decision letter i just received is not a figment of my imagination, looks like our beloved Wards Corner Market building is to be lovingly restored.....!! HOOOORAYYYYYY!  Well done everyone involved and those who supported the plans to restore a landmark heritage site to improve the face of Seven Sisters forever ... And THANK YOU to the Council for listening to US, the COMMUNITY !!!! :)

(letter below).

Dear Sir/Madam

Town and Country Planning Act 1990
Town and Country Planning (General Development Procedure) Order 1995
Location: 231-243 High Road N15 5BT

Our ref: HGY/2014/0575

Proposal: Restoration of the existing market and corner building bringing 2150m2 of derelict space into A1, A2, A3 and B1 use, installation of bay windows to the front, dormer windows to the front and rear, reinstatement of chimneys, replacement of existing shop-fronts to the front of the market with new glazed facade, improvements to the public realm to the front of the market, new glazed rear doors added to the rear, new DDA compliant access to the first and second floor, reintroduction of internal light-wells from the first to ground floor and insulation of building to increase thermal efficiency

I am writing to inform you that after taking into consideration relevant planning policies and the comments of local residents the Council has on 25/04/2014, GRANTED planning permission for the above proposal.  The officer’s report and decision notice can be viewed at www.haringey.gov.uk/planning using the above reference number.

Yours faithfully

Emma Williamson

Head of Development Management

Planning Service

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I apologise as a non-believer for my intrusion into the religious ceremonies of the worshippers of St Wards of the Corner.

Sorry you feel this way Alan. I note you've deleted your response [indent #4] above, to which I replied and quoted from. I've always regarded the Wards Corner Community Campaign as concerned local residents, rather than as religous zealots.

I'm not sure that the Council truly likes to see good ideas coming from the grassroots. In business, it's called the [it was] Not Invented Here syndrome.

am a prospective councillor candidate
Highgate Ward | Liberal Democrat Party

"Fetishising" to describe the actions of a community group and those who state support. Odd no? 

Developer Wolves circling, Hillbillies gentrifying, Homes and Property publicising ...and YET a community group puts together a legitimate well thought out proposal that the local planning authority grant permission to, and you deride these actions.

Meanwhile an empty building stayed empty, and the three little Alan's lived pessimistically ever after.

What an awful thing to say, Mr Stanton. Justin Hinchcliffe, a Seven Sisters candidate (Conservative)

ALAN I too am one of those disappointed with any sneering attitude toward the Wards Corner Community Coalition.

The community cannot simultaneously take on the Council, developers and Tottenham "regeneration" all in one go, desirable though that may be. However, winning one big battle could be a step to winning a wider war.

I believe the current Mayor once made disparaging remarks about the site, that were cited in at least one High Court hearing, as reflecting pre-judging the planning process. A few do like things new and shiny, even if they don't last long and are held in little affection by the people who have to use and look at them on a daily basis.

If, in your opinion, the WCCC is not a serious, respectable, community or representative body in respect of Wards Corner and the surrounding area, what pray, is or would be?

Is there some other entity you would prefer? Not Graingers surely? (The c. £1,500,000 donated by the Council to this giant Listed property company could have been spent on needed HfH tenant home repairs.) Does the Labour-led Council represent the community in this matter?

Do you regard your party, winning overall control at the 2010 election, as having a mandate for demolition on this site?

am a prospective councillor candidate
Highgate Ward | Liberal Democrat Party

I am not local to Wards Corner, being over in leafy Crouch End, but I have passed this corner hundreds of times as I have threaded my way around the Tottenham 1- way system.  While it is not the prettiest bit of Haringey, it is far from being the grottiest bit.

With so much going on further North around the Spurs redevelopment, it really is time to concentrate on sorting out one bit of Tottenham, as there is already major and controversial development planned around the Spurs ground.  Many interesting Victorian and Edwardian properties have been lost, or are boarded up awaiting demolition.  Since this district was not a part of the Borough elevated to Conservation area status, like nice twee Muswell Hill or Crouch End, (and the odd nasty has emerged on this side of Haringey!) the neither the developers nor LBH Councillors nor Officers have any respect for what the late Edward Heath (ex Tory PM for those confused) described as 'our heritage'.

So a sensible plan for Wards corner, with much of the development being given over to smaller local businesses seems the right way forward.

Another issue that could improve the environment locally and alter shopping patterns relates to Seven Sisters station.  How many are aware that when the Victoria Line was built, the access, to the Enfield Line station entrance was moved to share the Victoria Line facility at Seven Sisters Road?  The main entrance was that abandoned structure by the Bridge in West Green Road.  Money is being made available for lifts, and other improvements at the existing entrance, but we have yet to see full plans. Some additional money for a conventional access i.e. just steps, and an entrance open for two shifts, from 07.00 to 21.30 hrs, would improve facilities for local passengers when this line becomes part of the Overground group pf services.  Bonus an excellent interchange with the 41 bus!

Try that one, grist to the mill!

Having read again many of the comments previously, this could be seen as becoming a spat between various Councillors, and possibly our worthy leader being aloof and not listening to local people.  We rarely see her at Crouch End area Forum meetings - it alien LibDem territory! - and a reason why I will not be looking favourably at the Labour Candidates.

Can't we elevate some issues above local policitics and do what is right for the Community not the cash-rich developers?



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