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You may have heard that Haringey are instituting School Streets at some schools, whereby the road next to a primary school is closed to traffic for 45 mins at the start and end of the school day, to increase safety for children and reduce air pollution.

It is being trialled at just one school, I think - Lordship Lane. Would it work in Harringay?

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Excellent idea.  One thing on the Ladder though, the Wednesday bin lorry round will have to be re-thought as I think it hits the North Haringey School area at around 8:30am.

Has to be done. Other councils are doing it. We live opposite a school and the traffic is tremendous at drop-off and pick-up times, often with cars beeping and arguments being set off. Parents are also parking illegally.

Won't that create even more chaos and traffic on the neighbouring roads? A lot of the traffic on the school roads are parents who drive rather than walk their children to school so if they just dump their cars in the neighbouring roads it isn't very kind to those residents. So the parking attendants will have to be out in force on the neighbouring roads to stop parents dumping their cars.

West Green primary too, I think.

Brilliant idea.  Although it's hard to envisage if there would be any detrimental knock on effects.  Would people double park in front of the bollards?  I bet they would.  How would people who live in the street be able to leave if they wanted to?  Not practical for all schools but would certainly benefit both South and North Harringay Schools.

Great idea. Anything that discourages traffic through the neighbourhood is most welcome.

Sounds good to.me too.

closing woodlands park, blackboy lane and west green road for 45 mins twice a day actually sounds quite pleasant.

it might anger those on Cornwall, st Anne's, Seymour, Salisbury and Wightman road tho.

Still,, all for the greater good .

Joke when Council Refuse to Enforce Most Schools Parking restrictions

Especially at Noel Park when, parents block road and often sit in vehicles running engines. Summer and Winter

Would be a issue Closing major roads



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