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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

A permanent cliché of character roles, bizarre family lines, most people watch it 'cause it's just there.
I feel the money should go towards showcasing emerging talent, the programme could be sold to kickstart such an initiative, if you love it, it will be elsewhere, but we won't be paying for it anymore.


New East Enders Set scheduled for 2020 at a cost of £15 M, it won't improve the acting or script any.

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completely agree. cockneys are just depressing.

do they ever turn the lights on?

I don't agree, satire or not. I have met many people with East End roots, who are leaders in their field, highly talented and articulate. Long may they shine through, like any other region in The UK.

This format is just dead that's all, and there is much more out there, we're not seeing.

Don't be such a snob, Matt. Loads of people (average 5m per episode) watch the show up and down the country. Most of them don't watch it "just cause it's there". It may not be your taste but you don't get to speak for the 5m. And it does showcase new, emerging writing and directing talent. Constantly.

Happy Valley was indeed excellent but there was not a whiff of emerging talent about it. And there were 6 episodes per series - not the 200+ episodes per year that EE produces. Which is a remarkable feat. I'm sure Sally Wainwright (writer of HV who learnt her craft on 'soaps') would probably agree with me that EE provides a vital role for fledgling talent and caters to many people who enjoy just that type of story.

My home town is a population of two thousand, I went to State School in Rural Australia, & small towns are very democratic, levelling places to live, places you don't get an option of whether your in or out growing up.

As a result, I'm the sort of guy who will talk to everyone, because I am interested in everyone. Being called a snob is something that doesn't describe me.

I have worked on the East Enders set, there is talent there sure, but their ability is restricted by the formula. Script writers and actors may be better served on another gig to grow their ability. It may even be better for East Enders to continue as a stage production, I have witnessed 1st rehearsals as actors flesh out the script, (in the oldest remaining set, in Dot Cotton's lounge,) so I do recognise the craft, it just doesn't translate on screen as being earnest enough.
From the budgets I'm expecting something I'm just not getting, something needs to change.

I'm against little production companies getting screwed over by the BBC, keep the budget, just facilitate the talent. much of it unrecognised. Their the ones that should be allowed to grow, not some outdated block buster.

5 million watch East Enders, because there has been a lot invested over the years, it just time to move on spend the same money more productively.

Dare to challenge the status quo, or you'll never know, it's not even a format that isn't produced elsewhere.

Your paraphrase "just cause it's there," is from a volunteer from Mencap on West a Green Rd, more real East Ender than any acting could aspire to, I asked her if she watched it, and why, that was her earnest response which I thought was quite telling.

Hello Matt,

I didn't really mean to cause as much offence as you took in the first instance, so I'm glad you edited your post. My apologies for causing such a strong reaction from the word - snob. It was meant a little more light-heartedly than I think it was taken.

My point is that, whatever your background, it doesn't stop you being culturally elitist. Not that you necessarily are. But there's a subtext in your original post that this type of TV (with its cliches etc) is somehow not culturally or artistically valuable.

But if 5m licence payers find it entertaining on a regular basis - surely that's enough? This kind of populist TV has a place. And per hour of TV and per capita, it's incredibly good value for money. £15m for over 200 hours of TV ?! Happy Valley cost £6m for 6 hours. If you were arguing that EE doesn't match up to Corrie or Emmerdale then I would have more sympathy with that argument. But my guess is you don't watch soaps at all - please correct me if I'm wrong. 

I'm a big fan of supporting emerging talent but there is no better training for TV writers than on soaps. And writing is where it's at on television. Getting to write for 5m viewers, undergoing a thorough writing process and getting that immediate public response back on Twitter is invaluable.

There are many opportunities for emerging talent elsewhere. Tons actually. And tbh 'little' production companies don't get screwed over by the BBC. Unless you're referring to something specific. Actually, independents do pretty well out of the BBC. 



You've just called an Australian "culturally elitist". PMSL. Hilarious!!!!

Thanks, humility is a rare thing in HoL, I'll remember to return the gesture. I was thinking that if continues to rebuff each other there would no longer be an open discussion, just opinions.

My views are my own, and I have nothing to do with the Russians or Grundy Productions Australia, even though I may have caught glimpses of C Block H, Cop Shop, Matlock Police, Home & Away, Neibours, Skippy and Number 96.
You could say this this programme is Danny Dyer
The politrics programme then...




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