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Down by Bianca, the former Village restaurant, empty now for over a year, and long sporting a sign proclaiming the opening of Aspiva Restaurant is to open as a Costa Coffee on four weeks' time.

Good news or bad?

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I use Costa if I want a quick drink and wifi. I use the other GL outlets if I want to linger a bit so won't make any difference to me. It's quite a distance from Blend so I can't see a lot in the way of competition.

Interesting, Costa for me is one of those 'emergency refuel' options. Which means I'll occasionally use the one near Sainsbury's (basically to get me round Sainsbury's) or the one in Finsbury Park if I'm embarking on a long tube journey. I wonder what the thinking behind placing one in this spot was? I guess down that end of the high street it can appear that there's not much competition but we do have Mezzo et al. 

First appearance of a coffee shop chain on Harringay's 'high street' - will Starbucks (not even a branch in Wood Green) and Caffe Nero follow?

A bit of UK context - here are recent figures - Costa more than twice as many as Starbucks, Caffe Nero third, SSP (at railway stations mostly, under a range of brands) fourth.

Bring back La Ruche. I miss it so much. The best pain au chocolat this side of the channel

Oh I wish! Their closure was a great loss to the area. Am a little saddened to see a national f&b outlet go onto our high street, which is so interesting and becoming more and more eclectic because of more independent f&b entrepreneurs.  Nope. Not for me.

What is an f&b outlet / entrepreneur ?

Food and beverage

Think this could start to make it trickier for independents that haven't already made a big name for themselves. Also, if it were any other chain than Costa it would be an interesting development for variety in the street, but (a) we already have a Costa five minutes' walk away in the retail park and (b) it's Costa. They're every flippin' where...

I would prefer a Caffe Nero, but there's nothing wrong with Costa. Rather that than an empty shop front.

Well if Costa approaches, can Premier Inns be far behind? (same group - Whitbread). Slightly odd to see a Premier Inns lorry in the Arena car park of an evening, until you realise they're delivering to Costa.

Its interesting, Green Lanes has changed incredibly in the 11/12 years I have been here, and I suspect those of you who have been here longer would say it had changed immensely to my arriving here. I guess places evolve, and this is a phase in the evolution of Green Lanes. I love GL because (saving the bookies, banks and one or two others (Pizza Hut and Iceland)) it has not suffered the generification of most high streets (WH Smith, Boots, Superdrug, Costa/Starbucks, etc).

While I know this is an inevitable part of progress and evolution, I hope it is not the thin end of a thick wedge.

I have to question why this unit was empty for so long with that sign above getting more ragged and the windows filling with bill posters? Are the rates and rents high and is it only affordable by chains now? 

I note Yayla is changing names again after only a short time of re-opening. What's going on there?



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