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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Down by Bianca, the former Village restaurant, empty now for over a year, and long sporting a sign proclaiming the opening of Aspiva Restaurant is to open as a Costa Coffee on four weeks' time.

Good news or bad?

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It's a good question - to which I'm afraid I have no informed response.

Zer was a surprise. It seemed to me to be doing pretty well. So, even though I personally prefer the look of Diyarbakir Kitchen, it's difficult to imagine that they acquired a failed business. 

And Yayla; they've just spent a sizeable wedge on a refurb and the name change suggests that it may have been sold. It could be that the owners saw a way to capitalise on a longer-term investment and add value to their business pre-sale through a refurb. 

As I said no informed response. A good question though. I'll keep my ears open and ask a question or two if the opportunity arises.

I think it's just market saturation with too many people doing the same thing. About a year a ago there was a rash of positive articles in the London press and food blogs about Green Lanes which created a big boost in customer numbers. This probably led to the run of expansions and new places like Zer but I think the novelty has just worn off. The Turkish food boom is over. So long as Antepliler stays I don't mind if the others fold.

Oh, dull...  I would rather see the posters than the sight of a Costa.

Bad news.  Poor quality coffee and snacks.   What is the sense of rivalling themselves by having another branch within about 500 yards away from each other?

Also why is this part of Harringay getting all the boring stores and the part going towards Turnpike getting the Blends, Harringay Store and Jam in a Jar?  Must be something to do with rent? 

Yes i think the bridge end is now very scruffy and run down and doesn't really offer anything interesting. i think the rents and ...ahem...'special fees' are much higher at this end. therefore all the new interesting stuff is going the other end.

There is a restaraunt opening called Tramp opposite arena but i feel sorry for it dealing with being on 'Satellite Dish Alley'

If I had an entrepreneurial bone in my body, I quite like the idea of opening an establishment on that stretch that makes a feature of the satellite dishes. Perhaps cover them in glitter and paint them in lots of crazy colours? Planning regs would have a field day with that. 

Or have a restaurant offering special satellite "dishes"...

probably more to do with closeness of Arena shopping park.

I was in discussion with someone who was from Ferry Lane and was bowled backwards to find an organic shop on the corner.

Was it once Aeon FC?
Coffee from the back of a Lorry :(



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