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Shine Community Cafe on Turnpike Lane Makes the Cut in Sadiq's Crowdfunding Campaign

City Hall will host an event next week to promote 'Crowdfund London', the Mayor’s new scheme to help Londoners change their local area for the better.

Amongst the community campaigns pitching their ideas to an audience will be the Shine Cafe on Turnpike Lane. You can support them by pledging funds; skills, time, resources or mentoring to help groups run their project.

There are daily events at Shine. Angus, Shine Manger says that everyone is welcome to drop in and take part. Events include: Pilates, a local art exhibition, free English classes, free sewing classes, Tai Chi and stop smoking sessions.

They'd also love to hear your thoughts about how they can design the café to work best with the local community (anything from training courses to your favourite coffee bean). Coffee, they say is on them, but they can only offer instant for now.

You can support their crowdfunding drive at www.spacehive.com/shine-cafe

Web: shineharingey.org.uk

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I get a fortnightly delivery of ground coffee from Old Spike in Peckham. It's a social enterprise set up to help homeless people - seems to me that would be the best coffee for Shine to serve! It's also really good. If your barista training course teaches a proper long black I'll aim to be there regularly - the last couple I've been served locally have had milk on the side which frustrates both the point of black coffee and my vegan ambitions (obviously I don't pour it on but what a waste!)

Good luck with the crowdfunding! I know of a couple of other projects going for the mayor's thing, it sounds great.

Hi Sarah,

We've been down to visit Old Spike, definitely somewhere to take inspiration (and coffee) from.  Thank you for your support, please do come by to say hello if you are in the area!


p.s. I drink my coffee black too so am with you all the way.

Shine is still crowd-funding to add a cafe to their lovely community space - 12 days to go and so close to their funding goal! I've dropped into the gallery space, a much needed oasis of creativity on Turnpike Lane... As a local resident I'd love to see a coffee shop here as well as all the community and business activities they're currently hosting.

Crowdfunding through Spacehive: spacehive.com/shine-cafe

Shine website: shineharingey.org.uk

Good luck Angus and co 




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