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Shooting at 11.13pm outside Turnpike lane station last night

Seen online that a youth has been shot on Turnpike lane last night. Apparently happened at around 11.13pm on Weds night. Turnpike lane is taped off outside Costa coffee and the tube station. Such a regular occurrence these days that I can only see it being reported on the MailOnline and not on Sky News. Operation Trident investigating. 

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The nearest to my home so far. 

It got a one-line mention on today's Radio 4 national news at 0600, too.

There was a request from BTP (in flyers around the station) for information about a "firearms incident" at Turnpike Lane Station on Sat evening as well. 

First I've heard of it, as someone said it's becoming a regular occurrence, will be interesting to see if anyone where I work (west London ) mentions it? Police need to get to grip with the turf war that is going on round here

I use the Tesco there just before it closes most nights as it’s a useful last stop for me after work. I regularly see from half a dozen to a dozen drug dealing kids hanging around. Openly dealing I might add. I wonder how long it will be before an member of the public on their way home gets caught up in the crossfire. 

Pretty much every evening during the week when I leave the station through the exit outside Costa and make my way home, i get asked if i wanna buy drugs. Same kids, same faces. 

I pointed this out to a police car parked outside the station and was advised to write/contact my MP to the point that it would be escalated to their higher ups.  In other words it wasn't a priority back in August, (when I spoke to them) -   I wonder how many shootings it will take?

Joke is these days prisons are Full and Courts have been closed.

Resulting many offenders on Police Bail for many months. Still committing Offences

Saw a programme on TV that offenders are Only getting Terms, that are on Suspended Sentences                

Even for Assaults against Police and other Public Servants

Then Courts are Not charging on All Offences Committed

Will it getter better with another Government / Party,  I personally doubt it 

Maybe a child will die, maybe they won’t. I doubt though that much will really be done to prevent it from occurring. Or those that create the supply through their demand will be concerned.

Hi all. Just gently reminding you that this child is a local and possibly a friend or relative of people who use this site. I am not pointing the finger at anyone, but please try to use empathy and respect when commenting. 

out of interest are their any local cops on this site?

That particular (small) area is blindingly obviously a bit of a problem, day in, day out.

And out of interest, those in this thread who have said they have been offered drugs/and/or see it as a problem, would you ever call the cops about that?

When I had a bit more contact with local cops who I knew, I did. 

I wonder what our expectations of our cops are?

I know that sometimes when people have called things in, not emergencies, but concerns, they have wondered what the point is. I'm sure others have seen a great response.

Hi Ben there is no evidence yet that the person who was shot is local, if anything it's gang member from outside the are coming to sell around Turnpuke Lane as it's such a soft touch police area, and customers are coming in from other parts via the tube and then leaving once they've made their purchase.  that's why trade is booming?  Either scenario doesn't make it right that someone could die, but I doubt they are local to this area we live in



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