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I have a very awkward room where I need to fit a small double bed but it is about 5cm short of space for me to put it the way I want to go. And taking off skirting would not help as it is the wall issue. 190 long matters will fit as it will squash a bit but not a 190cm bed frame, need to have 185cm (max) frame but to be safe 180cm would be best. Had a Jay double folding bed in that space with a normal size mattress on top and it was fine as a temporary measure

I have searched for shorter beds but they are usually kids beds (ie single) so not what I need or completely ugly things...

Is there anywhere locally that someone knows of that I can have a bed shortened?

Or a carpenter who could do this kind of adjustment?

Any idea how much would that cost?

Planning to get the bed in July....

Thanks a lot

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I would have thought that getting a custom built bed would likely equal the cost of buying a new one and subsequently altering it. Even if it were marginally more expensive you get the benefit of specifying exactly what you want vs buying something that might be a compromise to an extent...

Thanks but the bed I want is around £100 only and bespoke would be way more expensive..



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