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My trusty Dell laptop has given up the ghost.

Doing a bit of research, it looks like the voltage regulator chip has blown on the motherboard. It's a surface mount chip with not too many pins but obviously a skilled job and way beyond my capabilities.

Unfortunately replacing the motherboard isn't an option so I'm looking for someone with the necessary experience to do the job.

Can anyone recommend an individual or business either locally or otherwise.



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As a starter only, haven't used them, this outfit say they will repair components like voltage regulator chips on motherboards, and are in London SE1.


Locally, Marek comes with a fistful of recommendations for computer fixes.  See http://itboxcs.co.uk/about.php

Great stuff - many thanks

An update on this...

Marek was very helpful and referred me to Fastech Net who've I've actually used before and are very good.

However, in the end I went for http://www.delllaptoprepairs.co.uk/dell-laptop-motherboard-repair.htm in Bermondsey - they did the job while I waited (about an hour) and whilst not cheap weren't scarily expensive.

Thanks for the update, and glad I didn't send you on a wild goose chase!

Try Marek Kosierkiewicz, ITBox Computer Services, Tel. 0790 460 7745 - has some good reviews on here and is very thorough as well as being a nice chap, 




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