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A small community plot at Alexandra Palace is seeking one or two members to help with growing, weeding and watering. 

Members can share the harvest of fruit and veges and learn new gardening skills.

We have a community shed and greenhouse compost toilet.

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Hi there.

i would be interested in joining and helping. Do you have any further information such as time commitments / location etc 

thanks very much

Hi, Thanks for your reply. I thought I’d try to advertise our plot on Harringay Online, hopefully to get people who live close by and dont have to travel far. This plot is part of Ally Pally allotment.

Do you live in Harringay?

The plot is on the side of the hill going up  to the Palace from Priory Road    .......... I’m up often during the week and sometimes on saturday or sunday.

In terms of commitment, it depends on how much free time you have.

Please tell what, if any experience you have had with gardening or if you havent had experience. Tell me what you are particularly intrested in growing and learning. We are also  interested in people with building, carpentry, handy skills.

Please tell me more about yourself. A bit of screening is necessary as we’ve had some peculiar people  interested to join in the past who weren't really interested in gardening.



Hi Terry and M&B, if you’re beginning to exchange more personal info, may I suggest that you do so via HoL’s private messaging facility or by email. 

Please send further information or queries about the plot to iscollins432@yandex.com.

my email  at yandex is nt working  If you want to chat about the plot private message thru this site ok

Ok thanks

Have sent a connection request 

I am v interested in joining the permaculture community at Ally Pally. I've been looking for something like this local to me. I'm learning  about fruit and veg growing, and help out at the community garden on Priory Rd and it would be good to develop skills and try things out  so I think I'd fit in.

thx for message  Im a friend of Gemma  ........I will be  away for awhile    I will contact you when I return  ok

I'm still hoping to hear from you about the Ally pally perm.group. Should i just come up some time.  Email davidpaulpress@aol.com



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