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A perfectly good ordinary garden table that we inherited from a friend moving out of the UK.

It's never really found a use and so is now ready to go to a new home.

(The darker area in the photo isn't marking; it's just wehre I wiped it clean before the photo and didn't wait for it to dry).

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Hello. Is your table still available? Rough diameter? any way to get it into my car?



Hi Jennifer, Yes it’s not been taken yet. It has a 60cm diameter, with a height of 68cm. 

Hi Hugh,

If its still available would love to have it. Liesbeth

Can't get transport sorted out, so hope you find another taker.


Hi Hugh

If it's still going I'd love to have it.

Many thanks


Hi Jane, if been waiting to hear back from Jennifer, but since I haven’t heard back and you’re the next in line, the table’s yours if you want it. 

Liesbeth, if Jane doesn’t get back or changes her mind, it’s yours. 

Great. Just let me know. L

Hi Liesbath, I've not heard back from Jane. So if you want it, it's yours.

Great. can I come by tomorrow late afternoon?


Grand - I've sent you a private message with my address.



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