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I was in Harringay Green Lanes this morning and thought it would be nice to stop & have a coffee outside one of the many coffee shops there. But at every place I stopped I was greeted by a blue pall of foul-smelling tobacco smoke emanating from the armies of smokers sitting outside every one of them. Thinking it would be better inside, I ventured into one such shop but it being a windy day, it was even more smoky inside.

I thought it was against the law to smoke in or near public places? Pubs these days certainly seem to interpret and comply with the law far better than the Green Lanes establishments. It's s shame really since a lot of would-be customers must be put off by having to sit inhaling someone else's dirty habits - or do these places only cater for this type of clientele? I suspect the latter.

I went home in the end & made myself a coffee there but it's not the same. Shame.

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the delivery of this post is an all time low for HOL


This kind of thing is usually a bit of a touchpaper for the reactionary and ill-informed regulars.

There are quite a few countries that prescribe a non-smoking area around entrances for this very reason. They can range from 10ft to 4 metres. In fact, the Labour government promised to address the issue in early 2010, but a charmless Gordon Brown put paid to that being advanced. 

The idea that an open threshold be the demarcation for a smokefree area is odd. The idea that posters to this site can not comprehend that is, unfortunately, not odd at all.

Reactionary and ill informed? 

Do you not realise how condescending that is? 

Indeed. And it's somewhat ill-informed to suggest that it's "against the law to smoke in or near public places".

The reality is this. Even if a law was introduced allowing for a 10 meter exclusion zone around pavement areas outside establishments it will still not be enough for the anti smoking nazis. They'll then insist that the law be changed to everywhere in outside public areas. The imposition of their will is everything and if you don't agree then you will be considered ill informed or reactionary! 

'Reality' means things or situations that actually (already) exist.

Is there really much point to getting outraged about hypothetical 'nazis'?

The law is no smoking in enclosed and substantially enclosed public places, so includes any roofed spaces with more than 50 percent walls, (a space with a back and two sides is substantially enclosed). Some of the outdoor "smoking" spaces on Green Lanes are actually substantially enclosed.

Something that has puzzled me for years is the correlation between smokers who insist their smoke should be tolerated and those who hold their cigarette well away from their own face, except when smoking. If it's not a problem, why do so few smokers hold their cigarette in front of them?

You have a choice.  If you are uncomfortable with your surroundings you may choose not to go there, unlike  smokers, who are given no choice but to be outside.

Well I chose not to go to the first coffee shop I visited, Nor the second, nor the third, etc. And in the end I chose not to go to any of them which is a shame really. Surely some coffee shop proprietor somewhere must realise the commercial benefit to them of opening a smoke-free coffee shop for those who don't want to be gassed while drinking their espressos, etc?  

A shame for whom?  For yourself perhaps.  Coffee shops are running a business.  A smoke-free option might be a fair compromise, if it worked.  Then those who enjoy a cigarette outside would be able to do so in a 'intolerance-free' environment.

The smoking’s nothing. Wait till you see the spitting!



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