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I've often noticed flat share and rental accommodation adds which ask 'professional' people to apply. Does this mean there are groups of people around who are so good at just being people that they earn an income from it whilst others, such as myself, are less competent and thus unpaid amateurs?

Assuming that is not the case, what do people mean when they place these adds? Presumably anyone who is paid to perform a particular job is a 'professional' in that occupation (eg. Professional labourer, professional bin man, professional teacher).This means that its unnecessary to ask for a 'professional' and the adds should simply specify that applicants must have a job which makes sense if they need to pay the rent.

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fessional. I person who thinks they're really good at something but ain't. "Man you aint no pro. You're just a damn fessional. Urban dictionary. :-)

" Professional " usually means someone who has a degree or equivalent. Doctor, teacher, lawyer, accountant etc.

Yes, formally it does, but it's also commonly shorthand for respectable middle class.

Well, that lets me out then :)

Well Said. There are definitely different classes of people and "Professional" is code for Middle Class.

I wonder what would happen if people started placing adds which specified 'working class' person needed for flat share? 

Did you ever see flat share ads in Australia asking for Bogans only?

It's not like there's another option there, Jon!

But, now you have to define " middle class" .  In here usually a derogatory term as in " middle class values "

This replaces "NO DSS" which means nobody who is on the rock n roll

You are not aloud to say not available to people on housing benefit so professional boxes that off, I take it as meaning you need a job, road sweeper or airline pilot don't think it matters

So no chance for J.K. Rowling when she was just a nobody single mum.



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