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I've often noticed flat share and rental accommodation adds which ask 'professional' people to apply. Does this mean there are groups of people around who are so good at just being people that they earn an income from it whilst others, such as myself, are less competent and thus unpaid amateurs?

Assuming that is not the case, what do people mean when they place these adds? Presumably anyone who is paid to perform a particular job is a 'professional' in that occupation (eg. Professional labourer, professional bin man, professional teacher).This means that its unnecessary to ask for a 'professional' and the adds should simply specify that applicants must have a job which makes sense if they need to pay the rent.

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When I was flat sharing I probably used that wording in ads.

Sometimes I would get 200 responses and you have to weed them out somehow. I mostly used it to avoid students, and getting into arguments with said students when I told them what the council tax was. "But I don't have to pay council tax". "Well if you live here you do".

Yes, it's a sweeping generalisation used to weed out potential applicants who may not have a stable source of income and would pose payment risk. It's perfectly rational for a landlord or a house share to weed out individuals who may not be able to afford or pay rent.

Financial services institutions have been discriminating on that basis for hundreds of years, so nothing new here. Interesting headline from the FT on that topic just this morning: https://www.ft.com/content/fad16a84-e29f-11e8-8e70-5e22a430c1ad

You also don't want someone who is likely to be home a lot more than you - it makes you feel like the place is less yours somehow and also contributes to higher bills. Eg my mum just stayed with me for two months, after I submitted meter readings and my water bill has been adjusted up by £40, and my gas and electric £12 a month.



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