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Having another go at offering our well-loved, a little worn but fully-functioning and still comfortable sofa bed for collection from near Turnpike Lane. We're re-jigging things and don't have space for it any more.

As a sofa, it's 190cm x 90cm x 75cm (W x D x H). When it's opened out it is about 205cm long including the back of the sofa as the head of the bed, the mattress is a more-or-less standard double length.

Worst of the wear is a split to the upholstery on the right seat near the middle - visible on the photo in this post. A well positioned throw will cover that and you can't see it when the bed is open.

Can't bear to think of this going to the tip, but that is soon to be our only option... Can you offer it a new home and lease of life?

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Ring shelter charity shop

Thanks Catherine.  We have tried them and other charities, but sadly the wear I mention above (which is liveable-with IMHO) has led to them all saying they won't take it.

This sofa bed is still available for the time being if anyone wants it. It's free - you just need to collect it.

This has now found a new home - so glad it didn't have to get taken to the tip.



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