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Hi all,

We've got some work starting up, and the visitor's parking vouchers I've ordered for the tradesperson have failed to show up yet. Would anyone be prepared to lend some, to be replaced when my order arrives (plus, say, 2 permits for the trouble?)



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I think I have one spare daily one and some 2-hourly and 1 hourly, so if it's an emergency for today and/or tomorrow send me a connection. If it's longer term, you might want to look elsewhere.

My permits have also failed to turn up after 12 days & it's impossible to get hold of anyone there

BIG WARNING TO ALL PARKING PERMIT LENDERS - i have had a very disappointing experience recently when I lent some (4 in the end) day-parking permits. i was kept waiting for a month for them to be returned after I was told that they would be replaced within two days. i was given no update even though the person had my telephone number and had come to collect from me on two occasions and with no thanks at all. i strongly recommend that you hold a deposit in lieu of their return. Most people are decent but some are lazy and have shoddy behavior!

James - if you still need parking permits give me a shout.  We're inner wood green but happy to lend you a few - we are also having work done so sympathise with how much trouble it is!

It works out cheaper to do it two-hour segments, if you have any of those vouchers. I've had the same problem this week, and ended up cancelling my order as the builders had come and gone before the vouchers had been posted!



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