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Specialist screws: does anyone know what these are called or where to buy them ?

Screwfix and Homebase didn't have them.

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A shop on Clerkenwell Road, on the south side.  Probably called Clerkenwell Screws.


Try the tap&die shop 445 west green rd.  

Hard to tell from the pic... is that some kind of threaded insert?


Very hard to see their size    and exactly what they do  . What exactly does it hold ?  and hold on to ??   Does it separate in to 2 parts ? or are they joined.  Looks almost like some IKEA part or plumbing part  ?    I would say, the best place to purchase must be on line. ---- Just a matter of getting the correct description !   Also the threads need to be correct too. --- there are many standards  fine/ coarse    ISO metric    A/F      BSP (Brit Standard pipe)  etc  etc                                                       PS   Screws  are starting to look familiar.   Computers ???????

Sam. Hope you don't mind, but I have a question some of the folks here might also be able to ask. Please see a new thread I just started. Any help very welcome.


This is where we bemoan the loss of the traditional hardware store as the owner would have know straight away what this was...We need to find some old bloke with a hut and with millions of bits of stuff like this that have been saved up over a lifetime, some passed down from his father, and all neatly stored in those metal woodbine tins of old!

I am looking for an angled gate latch catch. At least that is what I think it is called. Can I find one anywhere in our generic hardware stores that does not see me buying a whole new gate???

I have seen these before Sam and will have a root around downstairs to see if if I have some anywhere.

Justin, try Bishops on Park Road, Crouch End opposite the jubction with Middle Lane.

Glickman's of Tottenham ! Amazing retailers but sadly now in the History Section

Maybe 'strike plate' is the thing you're looking for? Examples here.

I believe they are from concealed hinges (kitchen cupboard doors). You are unlikely to be able to buy them on their own. You will probably need to replace entire hinge. 

A bigger picture would help. My first thought, like Peter, was adjusters from kitchen door hinges. If so, you can probably get some from a discarded unit in any street near you. :-)



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