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Below are the confirmed results from the St. Ann’s ward by-election which took place on 6 October 2016:

Name of Candidate Description (if any) Number of votes Elected?
DIXON Josh Liberal Democrats 189
POLENCEUSZ Janus UK Independence Party (UKIP) 54
STEWART Ronald Andrew Green Party 323
TUCKER Noah Labour Party 1177 YES
TURRELL Ellis Lloyd Philip The Conservative Party 106
Number of rejected papers: 4
Turnout: 20.67%

Good news for Labour.

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No surprises here. Thanks for the report.

That's a depressingly low turnout. Congratulations to Noah Tucker.

Well the winning candidate got enough votes to be elected on a bigger turnout so it's not all bad but yes, poor. Can we expect any more resignations from the disputed class of 2014 to cause yet more by-election apathy?

Noah is apparently a Corbynite, doesn't look very electable eh? I wonder how it will go in Seven Sisters in 2018?

As I wrote before..

An elephant with a Labour T-Shirt on would have won. A win says nothing about the winning candidate, Corbynite or not.

Wait and see what happens in areas like Sunderland, before you get too excited.

If the candidate had the form of an elephant, it would have been Lord Ganesha, worshipped by devout Hindus.

No, the successful candidate is a mere mortal (albeit good) human being.

Very low turnout. Apathy yes, but caused perhaps by disillusionment- or more likely alienation in terms of local politics. The view is Labour always wins round here so a lot of people don't bother to vote and Labour always wins round here..... 

Dunno Ruth. Harringay ward had two LibDem councillors until a few years ago

Yes, so they did. I had forgotten that Michael.

It would be good to have a bit of variety around the place but clearly those who do bother to vote locally vote Labour.

It's democracy so I won't knock it. I'm always grateful that I have a vote and can exercise my democratic right no matter what. It was hard won looking at the historical struggles for right to vote.

We do seem to have had quite a few elections lately what with the referendum etc. maybe people are just a bit fatigued by it all now. 

The unfortunate result of the first past the post system. The Green candidate did quite well and some form of PR would probably deliver a more representative bunch at the Civic Centre, but that's another story!

I've been a supporter of PR for a long time. I know it has its downsides but the FPTP system doesn't bring us the representation that reflects how we vote locally or nationally. Yes, another story..... 

And you can either be upset about this or join the Labour Party as an "entryist". In Harringay there is also the option of voting libdem.

He is actually a momentum entryist - not even a member of Labour until recently. This movement has taken over  and some bring their anti-semitism with them. They can mobilise a small base but don't break through to the mainstream numbers that Labour needs, as turnout shows.

Which is a great shame for the many people who need a Labour Government rather than the few people who enjoy a rally.



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